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What our team provides


“I don’t have time to workout.” Sounds familiar? This is a very common excuse that your brain makes up to keep you from accomplishing something difficult. Reserve yourself an hour of self care and "JUST SHOW UP." Your future self will thank you.


Not sure what to do, or how? We provide guidance and instruction in every class so you actually learn new skills and progress towards new challenges.


Take the guesswork out of your workouts. Our professional coaches will guide you to your fitness goals with proven, results-driven programs backed by science and years of experience.


Our group classes focus on well rounded functional fitness, designed to help you move better, get stronger and increase overall fitness. Not only does CrossFit make people fit, but you can make a strong argument that we make people fitter faster and more safely than any other program out there. Our results are universal, predictable, and repeatable. Our methodology works for everyone, can be scaled for anyone, and the results accrue over the long term.

Private Coaching

If you have specific goals in mind there is no more direct path to achieve them than to book a private skill session with a coach. A full hour with experienced eyes focused on your movement and making immediate adjustments and improvements is invaluable in accelerating progress. You can book 1 on 1 or as a small group of two or three.

Nutrition Coaching

By combining personalized nutrition plans with support and accountability, nutrition coaching empowers individuals to take control of their health and reach their goals. Whether it’s performance, weight loss, managing a health condition, or optimizing vitality and wellness; nutrition coaching provides the guidance and structure needed for long-term success.

Youth Fitness

Our youth programs will be split into two groups, "youth" (8-12) and "teens" (13-17). The goal for each will be to build a love for exercise, movement, and healthy living. Through consistency and training we learn and develop body awareness and coordination, strength and resilience. This translates to improved performance in sports, reduced incidence of injury and sets us on the path towards longevity and wellness.

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We can give you a tour of the facility and answer any questions you may have

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A private training hour, priced at $50, and if you purchase a membership that will be applied to it.

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Hear what our members have to say:

The coaches are super informative and encouraging. The workouts push you to your limits, but the community environment built within the box always has me coming back for more.


The classes are a great workout that easily adapt to any level of strength and fitness. They are also fun to attend with some great people.


Iron Goat is incredible for making you feel welcome and safe. The coaches are amazing and out of all the gyms I've been to it's the most well organized, clean, and friendly.